My Friends and I Crashed the Santa Monica Pier with Jordan Matter | Charli D’Amelio

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 13 ก.พ. 2020
  • Famous dance photographer Jordan Matter and my friends Addison Easterling, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Michael Le and Tayler Holder had a blast on the Santa Monica Pier. We danced, ‘Renegaded’ and took so many amazing pictures and I can’t wait to show you how they turned out!
    DID YOU KNOW: Jalaiah Harmon was the original choreographer of the Renegade dance!
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    Hi charli that looked fun 😹

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    Someone saw you guys from there apartment and filmed it on tik tok at the beach

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    The girls wearing the mumba sweat shirts rip Kobe

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    They're having the time of their lives

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    we all wish we were livin charlis life rn

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    charli is living the life at 15

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    I wish I could meet u but I am a Australian I am your biggest fan

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    Charlie I wish I could meet you I have seen you on tik tok u are soo cool in tik tok:) 😊😊😊

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    ok this looks like the most fun in the world but like sorry the photos are mediocre

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    Remember: She is a teenager. Just 15 years old. K.
    I dont think 4 years has past since she was 13.

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    Addison and charli laughing after he says lets see who wants to get at the end of the day

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    okay but they just seem like fun people to hang out with ❤️

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